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"Since the 80s, we have lived in a 140-year-old farmhouse with a very small kitchen. Numerous obstacles precluded expansion, and years ago we gave up on any idea of a full-sized galley despite frequent and ambitious cooking projects.

Unexpectedly, at breakfast at an inn in Maine, we met a professional property manager from our town. I asked who she would use to redo a kitchen and she suggested Andrea. I contacted Andrea and she came over and asked if we actually cooked in our tiny kitchen and I said yes. With her encouragement, we agreed to explore options.

To make a long story short, under Andrea‘s direction, and with the help of her large and very capable team, we removed two walls and a central, four-story fireplace. The change was dramatic. Our tight, antique home was now open and filled with new airiness and light. The beauty of her work is obvious from these photos. And my serious cook husband will tell you that every single capability and function he wanted was delivered.

Andrea designs your home for you. She listens well to your needs and ideas, and seems to know your style intuitively. We wanted every seat to be comfortable and have fabrics that would be sturdy enough for our young grandchildren. That is exactly what we got and we are all happy with every part of this project."

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