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If it's fashion or interiors or almost anything well designed, it brings enjoyment to my life. It seems like everywhere I turn, I am inspired by colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Whether it's a big chunky sweater with leggings or a Hans Wegner chair, I approach design with a passion.

Growing up, my parents were an inspiration to me. My father was an Italian renaissance man. He started as a fashion designer, then a toy designer, prominent sculptor and medalist. My mother was incredibly stylish and made the most amazing outfits for herself, me and my sister. We would spend Sunday afternoons cutting patterns and sewing on the kitchen table. The house was filled with music and love for art and design. I had a wonderful childhood and my parents encouraged and nurtured my creative spirit.

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, all I wanted was to be on Seventh Avenue. It happened like a fairy tale. It was an honor to receive the "America's Next Great Designer" award. At the time of the awards ceremony,  I was already working for a well known designer, juggling school and my job. We were putting together his collection in Milan so my father stepped in and received the award for me. He couldn't have been more proud.

I started designing accessories on my kitchen table at night. I made everything by hand. My father showed me how to work with metal. I sat at my sewing table making belts and handbags with fringe and interesting bits and pieces that I found. A friend asked me to accessorize clothes for her premier runway collection. It was the first time I had ever shown my work and the collection took off.  Shortly thereafter, I added clothing. The buyers from Bergdorf Goodman loved it and launched my collection. It was a dream come true. I remember standing on Fifth Avenue looking at my clothes in the windows of Bergdorf's in amazement.

Even today I love to sit at my kitchen table with my watercolors and pens, over-sized art books and photos for inspiration. I can lose myself in sketching for hours. The kitchen table seems to be my happy place. After all, it is the heartbeat of the home.

I have never stopped designing. It is a part of my everyday life. Join me on my journey.

"Fashion should reflect your personal style and my clothing allows a woman to make it her own. When you are comfortable with your own look, you feel good. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman."

- Andrea Jovine

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